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I’m encountering an error message when I use a new memory card with my dash cam. What do I do?



  • Paul Alexander

    This pertains to this post, but is everybody to know, because it makes a difference as to whether the Rexing dash cam can record to any particular MicroSD Card or not. MicroSD cards, even rated similarly as a [10] read/write speed, have wildly different read/write speeds, in reality.  Here is a good place to find information about ~75 different MicroSD cards:

    Memory Card Comparison & Performance Tests for Digital Cameras 

    The site says: "The benchmark used is CrystalDiskMark version 3.0.3 x64. Settings are 1000 MB, 5 passes, random test data. Benchmarks run with Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 10 Pro. A list of USB 3.0 card readers used for benchmarks and complete details are available under each review.

    When available, a full microSD card review is provided by linking the card name. Reviews show the full read and write speed benchmarks from several card readers in addition to a variety of digital cameras. The reviews here include UHS-I and UHS-II microSD cards. UHS-II microSD cards are backwards compatible and will work in UHS-I mode in SD devices, but only devices that have the UHS-II contacts can take achieve the additional speed of the UHS-II interface."



    I purchased a low-cost MicroSD 256 GB Card on Amazon for $6.47

    The product has since been removed from Amazon.  
    The very first time I installed the card and formatted it, it worked.  I left the Rexing V1 recording overnight with the microphone on, just to see how much space would be used. (A day takes about 200 GB at 4K resolution.)  That very night, my vehicle was robbed, as were many in my neighborhood.  The thieves stole very few items, and thus I still had my new Rexing, and I thought I had a recording of the thieves.  Nope!  Every .mp4 video file was corrupt past late the prior evening.  I tried everything to repair the video files.  Here’s the big red flag… when I Zipped an .mp4 video file to send to someone else to try a repair, the 560 MB file compressed down to 9 KB.  That is a bad sign, meaning the information is a mass series repeating code, and nothing that can be repaired.  
    I looked at the charts from the website above and selected a very fast SD Card- the Samsung EVO+ 256GB UHS-I microSDXC U3 Memory Card with Adapter (MB-MC256DA/AM)  The costs was $49.42, ~$42 more costs than the first card.  However, once in the Rexing, it has not ever failed to record video.  
    Cards are not all the same, and really, they are not even similar, even though they are labelled as having the same read/write speeds.  If you have any problems with video recordings and formatting of the card, buy a better card.  In addition to the Samsung EVO+, SanDisk Extreme models are also very fast. 
  • PJ Gee

    I bought the V1P Pro Best Buy version and the included card doesn't even write 25MBs. Thanks Best Buy.


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