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Why can’t I play back one of my last recordings?



  • ddttjj

    The battery has been fully charged at all times.

    The inability to play the videos is not battery related.


  • Permanently deleted user

    Thank you for contacting Rexing.

    Please be advised that your camera could be having trouble finalizing videos due to a firmware issue and also sometimes due to a bad battery or supercapacitor. So since you have confirmed your battery is fully charger at all times, please try updating the firmware 

    If that doesn't help, contact support at

  • Travis Hay

    We have the V1P 3rd Gen model front n rear dashcam, and my wife just got rear ended the other day, yet all we can watch is the recordings before and after the rear ender and not the actual footage of it happening. The car was running and the dashcam is continuously hooked to power source with the exact SD card inserted that it's compatible with and only year or so old, no accidents and now when we actually have one we can't see the videos needed to submit to our insurance company. Why have the dashcam then? Not sure if their's anything I can try to retrieve these videos? Thanks.

  • Leefield A

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    All accident videos are locked in the "RO" folder or "EMR" folder on the sd card.

    This explains why you aren't able to see the accident video. Please insert the sd card into the computer using a memory card to access the files. You can also connect to the camera via WIFI to access the accident video on the Rexing connect app. When you are connected to the app, tap on "videos" and then tap on "Locked videos"

    To learn more about connecting to the camera via WIFI please visit

    NOTE: Please contact support if you continue to have issues accessing the video file(s)


  • Stephen Cimino

    I have a V1P 3rd Gen.  I can't view some video files when the prior and following videos in sequence are fine.  The unit does not seem to have any power related issues - I have two identical units (installed at Best Buy) in different vehicles and have noticed this happen on infrequent occasions.  I checked my firmware and got an "update coming soon" message.  The file size of my problem videos is too large to attach.  Videos in the RO folder work fine.  My current firmware is:  T511AA.96663.4689.20190701.01.  Are there any tricks or known problems that could explain this?  What other remedies are available as I am out of warrantee.  I noticed that the manual depicts a different (updated?) model in the illustrations.  Is a trade in option available if all else fails???


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