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V1P max odd differences between BestBuy and other retail. cant find update for BB version



  • imcelv

    Yeah, my firmware is different too. I ordered mine from Amazon. When I try to search for any firmware updates using their search, it returns an error page that I entered it incorrectly. Its really weird, my firmware starts with  V1P01A, which returns the "input error", but if I flip the zero and the one V1P10A, it returns a firmware version to download. I dont know what is going on with this, and i dont want to break my cam by installing the wrong fw.

  • m ark

    In think these all have slightly different electronics on the inside. Technically all needing different firmwares. From what I understand I have the latest fw for the bestbuy model. Too bad they can keep it the same or compatible. Most dashcams share the same parts or slight revisions as there are only a few companies making the SOCs and camera optics.

  • Juliet Lachman

    I purchased mine from BB in April 2022, and I was able to update to the firmware I found on this site.  B50E0A.670.453.220513HC.01


    It had been running fine until recently.  Now, when I turn my car on, I get the chime, but the startup screen doesn't go away.  The white background and orange text comes up; then, after a few seconds, all the icons come up, but the logo screen doesn't give way to camera views (front or rear).


  • imcelv

    Rexing actually responded to email about my questions with the installed firmware, and upgrading. This was their response.

    "Thank you for contacting Rexing

    We do not recommend updating the firmware if you aren't experiencing any issues.
    Doing so can sometimes cause the camera to malfunction especially if you camera doesn't have any firmware related issues.
    There aren't any new updates available for the V1P yet, when that becomes available, we will be sure to put that on the Rexing website."


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