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  • BeamerRan

    Your vehicle probably have a quick "cut off" of power to the cig lighter.

    You can try plugging in a phone charger along with your phone and turn off and lock the car.  If your phone stops charging, there's your answer...  You can also check the option for AUTO POWERDOWN, I think it's called.

    I've tested my vehicle, a X5 and it lasts right about the 5 mins mark before it shuts down.


  • Permanently deleted user
    Make sure to either use the 12V charger or recommended hardwire kit. If your dash cam is powered by a supercapacitor the dash cam will immediately shut down. Dash cams that are battery operated, shut down after a few minutes due to delayed shutdown.
  • George Sica

    Some of the models do not have internal batteries such as the V1P, yet the screen does show a battery symbol. 

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thank you for contacting Rexing.

    The screen shows a battery icon with the thunder strike to signify that power is going into the camera. The difference between the battery model and the supercapacitor is that the battery model will keep charging where you actually see the bars increase but the supercapacitor doesn't show the battery icon with bars.



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