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V3 ADAS Error code "Does not support this size"



  • Quy X Dinh

    I have the se problem too and I just got this product because it seem promising. But now, the GPS and the ADAS does not work. I am pretty disappointed because this dash camera is a bit expensive. I am in touch with the company and seen no reply yet.

  • Charles Furst

    I'm having a similar message with the 256GB microSDXC Canvas Go Plus 170R A2 U3 V30 Card + ADP

    The camera won't format the card.

  • Matthew Hernandez

    If you go to the menu and turn of the ADAS, then you will be able to select the Full HD mode for the front facing camera. It just means the driver assist will be off, so there will be no warning if you are to close to an oncoming object.


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