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24 hour parking mode



  • Permanently deleted user

    Thank you for contacting Rexing.

    First, we want to thank you for your purchase and we wish you a Happy New year.

    The parking mode feature works both under a time-lapse or Gravity sensing option.

    The time-lapse option allows the camera to stay on at all times. The common issue with the time-lapse option is that it can drain your battery.

    So we recommend customers using the Gravity sensing option which basically puts the camera to sleep (After the ignition is off) until an impact is detected.

    When there's an impact, the camera then starts to record and lock a 20-seconds video of the incident. This allows your camera to not drain the battery since it only starts using up the majority of theĀ  battery power only when there's an impact

  • Derek Jamison

    How long does the screen stay powered on when in parking g sense mode after ignition is off? Do you need to turn on the auto on/off function?


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