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Cannot update firmware



  • Danbert1 0

    Please update here if you receive an answer to this. 

    I have just purchased one and am looking at upgrading the firmware but noticed that the "latest" firmware listed on the site has a different (and lower) version number than that which is installed on the device. 

    I have the same present version as you B50C00.663.4689.191120HC

    The new one is B50C00.660.4689.191025HC

    I have submitted a request for support and will post a response here when/if I get it. 


  • Sparker5016

    Thanks so much.  This is what I am going through.  I assumed it was an update, however, it will not install.

  • Sparker5016

    I really don't see V1-4K listed.  Perhaps there is no update?  I really am not having problems I just try to keep everything updated.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thank you for contacting Rexing.

    We are yet to add new updates for the V1-4K model. Updates are added based on reported known issues. Updates are not recommended until you start having issues. If you are not having any issues, you shouldn't consider updating the camera. Doing so can cause a defect to the camera. The new update ( B50C00.660.4689.191025HC) is only to help with the WIFI connection issue. 

    If you are having issues updating your firmware, you should try a different sd card 

    Card Recommendations

    • Kingston Canvas Go! MicroSD
    • Kingston Canvas React MicroSD
    • SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD

    NOTE: Please don't use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras

    Contact support at if you are still experiencing issues 


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