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  • Dave Byers

    I too have a v5 with a rear camera.  At least I was lucky enough for it to work for the first 5 months.  Now if it is plugged in the v5 will start up, but then immediately shut down.  If I remove the rear camera, the v5 will still work as expected.  I have been working with Rexing support.  They sent me a new v5, but the issue still remains.  I expect something with the rear camera is not quite right.  Reason I bought Rexing is the use of front/rear cameras.  Waiting on Rexing support to tell me next steps.  Maybe try a new rear camera.  If that does not work, maybe a refund unfortunately.

  • Russell Lambeth

    I have a brand new V55 and the Cabin camera and the Rear Camera are both not being recorded even though I choose for them to be recorded in the settings on the camera.

    But hey, you guys were having this issue two years ago and nothing has been done since it is still happening to me today. Guess it's time to find a new dashcam but I'm not looking forward to pulling out all the cables I worked for four hours earlier today to tuck and hide throughout the car interior.


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