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Wifi and App



  • Zen Now

    Try shutting off the cell signal from your carrier before you attempt to connect to the dashcam. You might have to also disconnect from your home or other wifi connections as well

  • Delores M Guilford -Johnson

    My Rexing  3 channel V5 Every time I get in my car I have to go to the menu to turn my Wi-Fi back on,  on the dashcam and change it to the rexing Wi-Fi ID on my phone, I'm thinking it should automatically switch to the dashcam ID why should I have to manually switch it, also I'm not able to open the app to view anything if I'm in the house using my home connection, I would think I should be able to open the app up with my home Wi-Fi, I don't understand this

  • Bob Bell

    I have the same issue.  The firmware should automatically connect to the phone whenever you get in the car.  Manually connecting is not cool at all!



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