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New V5 shutting down and restarting in constant loop.



  • Permanently deleted user

    Try powering the camera using the Rexing cigarette lighter charger if you are already using the Rexing smart hardwire kit. Sound like a power issue so we need to isolate the problem by using a different power cable. Make sure you are using one of the recommended sd cards as well as that can cause the rebooting issue.


    Card Recommendations

    • Kingston Canvas Go! MicroSD
    • Kingston Canvas React MicroSD
    • SanDisk High Endurance MicroSD


    NOTE: Please don't use SanDisk Ultra cards with our cameras. On the V1PMAX, V1MAX and V5 cameras, make sure you are using U3 or higher MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC memory card up to 256GB

  • Carey Sundberg

    I had this issue when I attached the V5 to my powered USB 3.0 port with the USB cable that came in the box.  I borrowed a better USB cable and the camera powered up very quickly. So, it sound like you were having a low power issue of some sort.


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