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Rex cam V3 - Does not work



  • Manuel Armando

    The camera on the screen began to fail and apart from that it turns on and off continuously

  • Jayesh Patel

    I ordered Kingston 64GB microSDXC Canvas Go Plus 170MB/s Read UHS-I, C10, U3, V30, A2/A1 Memory Card SD card for my Rexing Dash cam V3 plus because my Rexing dash cam keep turning on and off automatic when I was driving, even I reset many times, updated firmware software, format many times still did not work out. So finally I bought this card and updated firmware again and started using (and following Rexing instruction: every time I turned off recording before I turn off my car) and since last 3 days, my dash cam does not turning on and off automatic so I am happy now. But I will keep posting more reviews if my dash cam stop working.


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