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V5 3 channel. Really???



  • Brett Stroube

    I did the same thing, and asked Rexing if there would be an update to true 3 channel but it was ignored. They did swap out my V5, rear camera, and cabin camera for an S1 since I bought it through Rexing. Now I have 3 channel camera that is cheaper than what I paid for and no GPS capability.

  • Marlin Blake

    I took the V5 back to BestBuy and bought the S1Pro through the Rexing website and have not been able to get it setup cause it keeps shutting the screen off within one minute. I have followed all the instructions that they have asked me to due but it still will not work. They emailed me to send it back giving me 2 options to do that. can't talk to someone live all has to be done through email which takes forever when they due answer my questions. They are in New York which is locked down due to the Chinese Virus. They should be based in Florida, land of the free, then maybe I could talk to a live person. Guess you can get the virus over the phone. I would not get another thing from them until they fully opened up. They can take your money but can't talk to you live. Go figure. Virus just an excuse. As you can tell I'm pissed!!! This whole World seems to be going to HELL over a stupid virus, and I'm 75 and I'm not concerned.


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