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  • hrjjml

    +1 here.

    I don't know if can call it slow, they're more on ignoring support requests.

    Phone support is non-existent, they are using the pandemic as an excuse (of course to save money)

  • Joe Irwin

    Could not agree more!!
    Takes days to get responses & thats if send repeated emails.
    Not sure if they even read them completely with the responses given back... Seems like very automated responses.
    About to junk the 2 units have & start over with new products. Sure would not recommend Rexing to anyone.

  • Chefsechul

    I have been also trying to return a camera that is not working for about 2 weeks.

    Sent a couple different requests for a return label but still getting no respond.

    I am sending another one. 

  • vicrespo

    yes, it takes forever to get a response.

  • Dan Gonzalez

    No Sound from from Rexing M1 Dash cam and no sound from Cust Svc

  • Bruce Carlton

    Use to have great customer service!  They even had a phone number and a human actually answered.  I think those days are gone forever!!!

  • Victor Muller

    The responses I do get after a couple weeks of waiting are always check the firmware and restore the camera to default settings and see if that fixes it…… first there are no firmware updates even available (you’d think they’d know that they don’t have any firmware updates available) and second setting it to default doesn’t do anything to fix anything. Im shopping for a quality dash cam now and will never buy anything made by rexing ever again.


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