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REXING: Please honor your product warranty!!!



  • Vtrevino317

    Did you hear anything back from them? My V3's night vision in the cabin of the vehicle has started to go out and now I cant see anything unless I am passing street lights.

  • Mleboeuf76

    yup I have the same issue and its been over a month. They have my money and I don't have a camera.

  • Victor Muller

    My V5 the cabin cameras night vision is going out and the whole camera itself randomly shuts off and doesn’t always turn on when the vehicle is started. I have the hardwire kit installed even. My camera will also randomly say “completed” no idea what it’s completed doing. I emailed rexing and their first response was to update the firmware, I checked there are no firmware updates available. Their response was it sounds like a defective unit but to go through with the warranty I need my original receipt and order number. It had been 3 months after I bought and installed the camera I don’t have those documents anymore so I’m screwed. I even bought directly from rexing and created an account when I did, does no good I can’t view any kind of order history to prove I bought this POS camera. I’ll never buy another rexing product again since they don’t honor their warranty’s or even make it easy to claim one.


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