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Hardwire Kits



  • Amit Vohra

    Thank you for contacting Rexing.

    The V5 and V1 4k both requires smart hardwire kit. Its the right kit for your product. Please let us know the issue you are facing with hardwire kit. 

    Wi-Fi Connect-

    Download “Rexing Connect” app from the App Store/Google
    Play Store.
    1. To access and exit the app, hold down OK Button
    2. Open Wi-Fi settings on your phone, find “SSID” from the
    list, tap to connect. (Default password: 12345678)
    3. Open the Rexing Connect app, tap “Connect” to enter the
    realtime video streaming page.

    4. Once connected, the dash cam screen will switch to the
    camera view and will display “WiFi Connected” message.
    Using the Rexing Connect app, you can view a live preview
    of the dash cam screen, start / stop recording, as well as
    view and save your captures with your mobile device.

    For further instruction regarding the Wi-Fi Connect feature,
    please visit

    For WI-FI issue -Turn your mobile data/ cellular data off while connecting to the dash cam, also make sure you are not surrounded by strong Wi-Fi networks as our mobiles always attracts to strongest network available which leads to disconnection.  

  • Larry Baggett

    No the hard wire kit sent does not work as needed. Does not operate when car is off. So parking guard does not work. Unit is not charging at all.

    The app does not work. "Abnormal Request Detected" , this being the same problem reported on app reviews at the moment. One does not know this when installing the app, then encountering these problems.

    Your support here is very sub standard to say the least.


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