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Memory card install



  • Amit Vohra

    We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. First, we want to be sure that you are using this in your vehicle with a Rexing charger or hardwire kit only.

    Please make sure you are using recommended SD card for your Rexing product.

    We recommend Kingston Canvas Go!, Kingston Canvas React, and SanDisk High Endurance. - 
    Choosing a memory card:


    If you are still having this issue please contact as @

  • John Plichta

    I am having the same problem, I am using the Rexing charger and a SanDisk High Endurance SD card.


  • Yuri Menko

    I have same problem... Brand new camera and brand new high endurance SanDisk card 128Gb.
    Camera keeps rebooting every 9 sec.It wouldn't let me even format it.

  • Coyote Ray

    I have the same problem as Dennis, "Memory Error"  Used a card that work 100% on a GoPro when the one that came with my Rexing dash cam failed.  This is the second one with issues, first one would not turn on, second will not stay on.  Very disappointing.  

  • Yuri Menko

    I don't think there is any point of complaining here...
    There is no support or any help from manufacturer!!!
    I managed to make camera work with memory card formating and trying to start recording video with lowest resolution possible.After that I switched to 4K and it started recording video without camera rebooting like crazy or error messages popping up

  • Im14pinball

    I updated my software and now my front camera doesnt work.  worked before the update.  Any ideas, I have tried 3 different SD cards.  same result.  As you said.  Support is non existent.  They just tell me, use our cords, use fast class 10 U3 sd card, etc with instructions on how to update.  No help at all. 

  • Chris Neilson

    I had the same problem and learned that the card needed to formatted as a FAT32 type file system. The 128GB may require you to do this from the command line.


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