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V5 freezes on bootup screen.



  • Amit Vohra

    Thank you for contacting Rexing.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused, kindly remove the SD card and put the unit back to default settings and let us know if it helps, if its still doing the same please send us a email @

    We appreciate your business here at Rexing.


    Team Rexing

  • Raymond DeMaurez

    My V5 is frozen on logo screen. Nothing I do works. Just bought it on the 6th of November.

  • Amit Vohra

    To process your warranty replacement please write to us @

  • Don Estes

    Unit is 2 days old and now frozen.  I have tired everything I can find to reset this unit nothing works

  • Amit Vohra

    To process your warranty replacement please write to us @

  • Kevin maslowski

    I also have a brand new v5, worked for 2 days now frozen on initial bootup screen. Nowhere does it say how to reset it as suggested. Very poor documentation on the site, nothing but a getting started guide. Very frustrating.

  • Don Estes

    Rexing Care was able to resolve my issue by updating the Firmware.  I would reach to them regarding this issue.  I was very flustered not only with myself but with the product but once I updated my firmware everything starting working properly within a couple minutes. 

  • Robert Eberhardt

    Mine only made it about 4 hours before mine froze on the white screen with Rexing V5. I tried pressing the reset button, holding the reset button, both with and without the memory card in. Tried holding the power button. Nothing resets it. As soon as power is applied, it immediately shows the white screen and freezes. I noticed that the firmware on mine was from 20210818 version 1.0. I tried updating the firmware last night when I received the camera however the website kept giving me an error when I typed in my current firmware version. I sent a request for support asking if there was a newer firmware but haven't heard back yet. Today I checked again and now I am able to get in and it says there is a newer firmware version. A lot of good that does me since I can't even get the thing to boot up now. Nothing like having to send back a dash camera after the first day for warranty replacement. I should have held off ordering a second V5 last night for one of my work vans after this. In fact, I think I'll refuse delivery when UPS attempts to deliver it and hold off ordering any more for the rest of my fleet.

  • dtday

    Had the same issues with 3 units so far and now the 4th is doing the same thing.

  • Robert Eberhardt

    I was able to get it past the white boot up screen by updating to the latest firmware. It has since locked up again on the white boot up screen. I reinstalled the firmware since there is no newer version since the November 2021 version and it was able to get past the boot up screen. I have 2 V5s and both of them will just randomly stop recording every day or 2. Every 2-3 weeks one or the other will lock up on the white boot up screen forcing me to reinstall the firmware. I am almost to the point of returning both of them and going with a different manufacturer. If I can't count on the camera to record when I need it to, then there is no point in having it.

  • William Wong

    Best Buy tried to install the Rexing V5 Plus 3-channel and got the frozen screen as well.  He also couldn't format the 256 GB MicroSD card that I bought that I saw was compatible with this unit.  After 3 hrs, he gave up and told me to get another model.  He said he had the same problem with a "few other" install and ended up swapping this unit for V1.   I took the unit home and after reading this post, I did the Firmware check and saw I had the November 2021 version and that I needed the May 13, 2022 (T50-1080P-20220513-V1.0) firmware that has a new UI and fixes the frozen log-in screen.  After installing the new firmware, it worked perfectly.  It's been only one day, but so far it works well.  

    To install the firmware:

    1.  Copy the new firmware to the MicroSD card.  It will be a .bin file

    2.  Put the MicroSD card into the slot of the cam and turn on the machine.  Once it turns on, it should automatically upload the machine with the new firmware.  It took about 2 minutes for it to load.

    3.  After the installation, the machine will turn off (and appear to freeze with a black screen).  

    4.  Take the MicroSD card out and then turn on the cam.  It should boot and work correctly now.  

    5.  Validate by going to see which firmware you have by using the menu feature of the cam.

    6.  Insert MicroSD care back into the slot and immediately format it.  It should format in less than 30 secs.

    7.  The cam should now work fine with recording features.  

    I still noticed that after I installed the app on my S21 Ultra, it connected to the cam but dropped 3 or 4x.  After the 5th time, it seems fine.  Hopefully, I won't have any future issues with that.

    I hope this helps.

  • Patrick Evans

    I’m having same issue. Should have been on here before I purchase it.

  • Joseph Vogel

    I had the same issue and after a bit of research all you need to do is update the firm ware. When it is stuck on the loading screen press the menu button and it should return to normal so you can proceed with the first step.

    1. Format the SD card on the camera

    2. Unplug the camera

    3. Plug SD card into your computer

    4. Download the latest firmware onto your computer, directly from the Rexing website (unzip file)

    5. Place the .bin file directly onto your SD card 

    6. Safely eject SD card from computer

    7. Plug SD card into camera (make sure its still unplugged)

    8. Plug camera back in (should turn on automatically)

    9. Camera should automatically update and then turn off 

    10. Once update is completed, unplug camera, then plug back in

    11. Once on, insert SD card

    12. Format SD card

    13. Check firmware to ensure it is the proper one

    14. Enjoy not having a constant loading screen 


    As of 11/26/22 this link will bring you to the latest firmware for you V5

  • Norman Langlois

    V5 screen freeze is still recording. I thought as others do that it was locked up.When I removed the SD card and found some of my trip was still recorded. I found my way to the same conclusion as tech support . Before I noticed they posted the solution in the first complaint they said to remove the SD card and reset to default.

    Not sure why it stuck on the V5 screen Could the card filled up and overwriting cause this?

  • Leefield A

    The best way to get your issue with freezing on the V5 resolved is to update the firmware.

    Please visit and select your dash cam from the drop-down to start with your firmware update

  • William Thompson

    This happened literally in the first hour of using this device. This was a Xmas gift for my wife and was fiddling around with it after installing it on Xmas morning and bam, Stuck!

    Serach for the “Rexing V5 firmware download”, you will want to download the “” onto your computer. Then load the MiscroSD card and copy the T50 file to the card. Once it is on the card you may right click and press “extract all”. Once you extract and see the .bin file on the ROOT folder of the SD Card you can delete the compressed file (with the yellow folder) only leaving the .bin file. Eject the sd card from the pc, load the sd card into the dash cam, and plug the power cable into the Dash Cam. This should immediately initiate the Firmware Update and have a yellow “Update” symbol and a progress bar! Once it is done and the dash cam turns off, unplug the cam, remove the sd card from cam, plug the power cable back in and when it loads you should be back in business!! :) Once the cam is operating re-insert the sd card and format it within the device settings! Enjoy the dash cam!! ***SIDE NOTE*** DONT panic if you load the WRONG Firmware. I tried a couple different firmwares including the V5C and V5C Plus before finding this T50******** firmware I mentioned in the beginning and was still able to re-update firmwares without bricking the device like i thought I would do lol

  • Snowhyte32779

    I’m having the same issue. My screen freezes on the white Rexing screen. Tried trouble shooting with directions above and nothing happens.


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