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V5 Voice Commands



  • Amit Vohra

    Thank you for contacting Rexing

    You just need to say these key words if you want to use this function. 


    Team Rexing

  • Russell Lambeth

    This is the kind of top notch support it is great to see around here. Like, no shit, you just posted a picture of the card that comes with the camera. How about mentioning whether or not there is a key wake up word or phrase to say first? So far I have found that I don't have to say anything except Take Photo for it to take a photo, but every other voice command that actual does seem to respond to me just does so with a musical chime, but then the action I requested, such as “Video Stop” or whatever, doesn't actually do anything.

  • Denise wozniak

    We talked to our dash cam with those commands and it seems to do nothing also. I also tried to scan qr code to download app and goes to Google Play and keeps saying try again. I must have 1 faulty crappy cam


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