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V1P GEN2 Frozen after Firmware Update



  • Everett Eldridge

    Update: Dash Cam is now fixed. The SD card seemed to need to be formatted on the dash cam to work, not the computer. I just happened to have another Rexing dash cam and was able to format the SD card in that one, then copy the firmware to the SD card and put back in the dash cam that was locked up from the first update attempt. It took this time and everything started working again.

    Maybe on the first attempt I formatted from the computer and not the dash cam and that caused it to lock up... I'm not sure, that was many hours ago. Just trying to thoroughly explain what happened in case it can help some one. 

  • Amit Vohra

    We are glad to hear its working fine for you. Always format your SD card in dash cam only.

    Also make sure you are using recommended SD card only-

    We recommend Kingston Canvas Go!, Kingston Canvas React, and SanDisk High Endurance. - 
    Choosing a memory card:

    Warm regards
    Team Rexing


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