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Won't Refund My Money After Order Returned



  • Official comment
    Eric Sun

    Hi Crystal, I apologize for the issues you are experiencing with your return. We have a good return process in place however when it's not followed correctly, issues can arise for example a customer doesn't use the provided shipping label which makes it much harder for our warehouse to track down returns. Send here your customer service ticket numbers and I'll make sure you get your return followed up on immediately. 

  • Crystal O
    Hello Eric Sun,
    Thank you for getting back to me regarding my refund. It is sad that someone has to make a public plea for help in order to get assistance with a problem they have been dealing with for so long and it has not been resolved. I am sure you know your own company policy on returns, but if not, I have attached a copy to this reply. As you can see below there are two available return options. One is where you can use the prepaid label you provide allotting your company to deduct that fee from my refund. The other which I chose was a label I purchased from the carrier of my choice; therefore, I should receive my full refund for doing so. Within the return I did provide a copy of my packing slip that came with the order which includes all of my information for the origional purchase. That way there should be no issue as to the order return. I also included the tracking number and the date the item was mailed back along with the carrier’s name in the contact information I made regarding my refund. I know that by reading your reply you were not trying to low key make a demining comment to me regarding the efforts correctly demonstrated and the lengths I went through to follow your procedures for the return. I should say, I believe that you are better than that and would try no such thing at my expense. It has been a few days shy of a month that I have sent this item back to your facility and have still received no refund. I originally thought that I would purchase other items from your online store after my first purchase, but now as I understand the risks, I am not sure it is worth the future hassles. Thank you for your time and information you provided. Have a wonderful day.


    Return Policy

    We hope you love what you’ve ordered! But just in case you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ve made the return process super easy.
    How long do I have before making a return, and do I have to pay for shipping?
    1. You have a max of 60 days to make returns. You must send back and postmark your return packages within 60 days after the purchase date. No returns made after 60 days from the purchase date will be accepted.
    2. You can use the shipping label we provide (See “How do I make a return?” section for details), then send back and postmark the package within 60 days from the purchase date. There are two ways:
    ① you can use the shipping label we provided and pay a $ 9.99 shipping fee, which will be deducted from your refund.
    ② you can use your own shipping method and at your own cost.
    Return shipping address:
    Rexing store return
    264 Quarry Rd, Unit D
    Milford, CT 06460
  • Eric Sun

    Hi Crystal,

    We will advise as to what went wrong with your return and make the necessary changes in our processes if something does indeed need to be fixed. 

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Crystal O

    Eric Sun/Customer Service,
    Thank you for your reply, but I still do not have my refund. I was promised an email update with my refund details, and I still have not received an email with my refund notification. I have checked my account and I do not have a refund for the product you currently are in possession of. Eric Sun, you stated, "We will advise as to what went wrong with your return and make the necessary changes in our processes if something does indeed need to be fixed." Your key word was IF something does need to be fixed. Well indeed it does if it takes now well over a month for someone to receive a full refund for the item they sent back. I am unclear why this is still taking so long to process. Truly Buyer beware!! There is something detrimentally wrong with the business practices of this company. Purchase at your own risk of not getting your money back should that course of action need to take place. They will not give you a refund as promised, or they will create an extremely long delay and blame you when you speak out about what they are doing. And they definitely shy away from accountability and integrity. Never a true apology or admittance of error as you can see from the posts. Not a good representation of a reputable business.

  • Crystal O

    Eric Sun/ Customer Service,

    It is only fair to update my post to the latest information regarding my order refund. After much toil and effort, my refund has finally been processed. It took over a month, but it has been accomplished. I don't like that it took a public post to get a resolution, but nevertheless I am made whole. Thank you for finally getting it done and doing the right thing. This issue was too complex for me to remain a customer, but I wish you well. I hope you consider taking better care of your customers in the near future. No one should have to fight to get a refund on a returned item. Good luck to the new customers, may your experience be better than mine.

    Have a wonderful day.


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