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The micro SD card can't be opened in any other device/computer.



  • Rexing Care
    Hi Raisur, We have replied to your issue on #69909. 
  • Md Raisur Rahman

    Hi Eric, I had further query on #69909 but haven’t received any reply. Putting it here again:

    Yes, I can download the videos using the app, but that's a very time consuming process. Pl advise if there's any other way to read from the card directly. If I use the recommended cards in the device, are you sure that will be readable in other devices? If not, am I elligible for the warranty claim?

  • Rexing Care

    Hi, we did reply Friday at 6PM. Please double check your spam folder for the email. 

    Yes, if you use a recommended card you should be able to pull the footage onto your laptop.

    It's because you are using an SD card with issues and the camera is recording fine so there is nothing we can do regarding the warranty as it covers our cameras and not the SD card that you use.



  • Dawn Wright

    I have the V5 so the SD card format may be different, but I had the same issues viewing the videos on my laptop. I found a program that would allow me to view the videos. Neo Media Player. Once I downloaded and started using that program I have not had any issues. 

  • Dickcully

    HELP.  I purchased two V1P dashcams and can only playback half of the 3-minute recorded loops on a Micro XC 256gb on my laptop using Windows Media player and Windows 10.  I downloaded the VLC program with the same result. It plays back the first half fine, and a friend was able to playback the entire disk after downloading the same VLC program that I did. I've written to the company twice filling out the form without an answer, and I also wanted to know if the dashcam overwrites the loops once full. I'm disappointed in the lack of support from Rexing.  Let's see if anyone responds here. Not a great way to conduct business if you don't respond to customers questions.


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