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Installing intelligent hardwire kit


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  • Donald Watson

    It has been a few weeks since your post so hopefully you resolved the problem. If not, maybe my experience will help you or someone else.

    It isn't real clear in the instructions that you need to have 2 fuses in each adapter that plugs into the fuse panel. While this may be obvious to most, it took some ohm meter work for me to figure out the need for 2 fuses in one adapter. It looks like the fuse that you pull out of the panel to install the adapter goes back into the adapter to continue to protect from vehicle related problems while the 2 amp fuse that comes in the adapter protects from camera related issues. Did you check that you had 12VDC on the wire that connects to the fuse panel adapter? You can pull the connectors apart where they join the red & yellow wires and check voltage there. You also need to confirm that the switched line actually goes to off when the key is off. None of the accessories that were in the fuse panel inside the cabin of my car would go to 0VDC with the key removed. The windshield washer motor for example would not work with the key out but there was still power to the fuse. This kept things from working properly until I ran a wire to the fuse panel in the engine compartment where I found a circuit that did go dead when the key was off. 


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