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V5 Motion sensor shuts off the rear camera.



  • Mark Mitchell

    Hi Bill,

    I had the same problem that I had to troubleshoot and figure out myself. I have been going back and forth with support to the point where I was ready to throw this POS in the trash.The motion sensor doesn't provide enough power to the camera when the rear camera is connected. The motion sensor is rated for 1.5 amp but the camera needs 2 amp to power everything. Ridiculous I know and is a complete failure of Rexing. They either realize this but don't want to remedy the problem or they're complete idiots. Either way I would get your money back and buy a camera from a reputable company that supports and takes care of their customers.

  • Bill Ekola

    Thank you for your comment Mike. Ya know man? I like this company and their product. It is literally So Close to being the best system out there. I got the feeling management, for what ever reason, curtailed the engineer that designed this cam. The tech info you provided is valuable to me and I will reiterate that which you said with what I also found out:  IF I change the settings to front Cam and Cabin cam (essentially shutting of the back cam) it works flawlessly. I just have to remember to do this when I need it. Like parking my car for several days.

     As it stands now, I decided to keep the cam for the Park mode (which has proven to work well) and GPS and time stamp. Also for the quality of the recordings when downloaded. In the event I need or want the motion sensor (now by- passed) I just need to go through the motions to connect it and set the cam to the Front and Cabin only.

  • Donald Watson

    It may not help your situation but I just installed the V5 with the Intelligent Hardware Kit and the rear camera. So far there is no problem running the rear camera & the motion detector. I did have a problem getting the motion detector to work at first, it would only act as a pass through for the power to the camera. I didn't have the switched fuse line connected properly. Today I corrected that and it seems that now all is as advertised.


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